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Cryogenic HEMT Low Noise Amplifier


RF Frequency:                                    1 to 12 GHz

Gain @ 20 K:                                      32dB ± 2dB

Noise temperature @ 20 K:               < 8K at 1 to 12 GHz

Noise figure @ 20 K:                         < 0.12 dB

Noise figure @ 300 K:                       <1.5 dB

IRL (-20log |S11|)                               >10 dB (4.5-12 GHz)

ORL (-20log |S22|)                             >10 dB at 2.5 to 12 GHz

Operating temperature:                       4.2 K- 320 K

DC power @300 K:                            1.8V, 50mA, 90mW

DC power @ 20 K:                             1.2V, 23mA, 28 mW

Output power for 1-db compression:   -3 dBm

Safe input power level:                        < 0 dBm


The CITCRYO1-12D is a cryogenic, low noise, broadband amplifier. In its standard configuration it comes with female SMA connectors on the RF-input and output and a 4-pin 2 mm pitch header for the DC. The amplifier requires three separate DC-voltages. For more information and complete specs, please download the pdf data sheet on the left.

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