Circular Quadruple-Ridged Flared Horn Achieving Near- Constant Beamwidth Over Multi-Octave Bandwidth: Design and Measurements
A Wideband Receiver for FAST Powerpoint
A Novel Wide Bandwidth Radio Telescope Devoted to Educational Outreach
A Sub-milliwatt 4-8 GHz SiGe Cryogenic Low Noise Amplifier
Evaluation of biasing and protection circuitry components for cryogenic MMIC low- noise amplifiers
Design of Cryogenic SiGe Low-Noise Amplifiers
Gain Compression of CITCRYO1-12 Low Noise Amplifier
Manufacturable Cryogenic SiGe LNA for Radio Astronomy and Space Communications
Microwave Radiometers from 0.6 to 22 GHz for Juno,
A Polar Orbiter around Jupiter 
The Design and Performance of a Wideband Radio Telescope for the GAVRT Program
RF Performance of the GAVRT Wideband Radio Telescope (EuCAP 2010)

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