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Octave Band IF Modules
IF reciever.png
  • Frequency Range 1-12 GHz

  • Octave Band (3-6 GHz, 4-8 GHz)

  • Typical Gain 70-90 dB (0 dB Attn)

  • Programable Gain (0-31.5 dB, 0.5dB Steps)

  • Single Supply (+6V @ 250 mA)

  • P1dB > +19 dBm

  • Internal Filtering

  • Output Power Detector

  • Output Test Port

Receivers and modules are custom made, please contact factory for requirements. 
For more information on Radio Astronomy Receivers CMT has built in the past, please read the following PDFs.
Microwave Radiometers from 0.6 to 22 GHz for Juno, A Polar Orbiter around Jupiter
DSS-28: A novel wide bandwidth radio telescope devoted to educational outreach
 A Wideband Receiver for FAST 
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