• Noise 4.5 +/-1K and gain 36 +/-2dB  from 10 MHz to 2GHz

  • Less than 8K noise and >25 dB gain to 5 GHz.

  • Usable over a wide range of DC power from  2mW to 50mW

  • Single power supply voltage in the 1.10V to 3.0V range

  • Good input and output match from 10 MHz to 5GHz.

  • Operates from below 4K to 350K


The CITLF3 is a SiGe low noise amplifier intended for extremely low noise cryogenic applications.  The amplifier utilizes resistive feedback to achieve good input match (S11) and high gain stability. The amplifier is optimum for the frequency range  0.01 to 2 GHz but is usable to 5 GHz.


It  is powered from a single positive DC supply  usually 2V but can be changed to trade-off power dissipation and performance as shown in the table and graph on the pdf data sheet below. Application of up to 5V will not damage the amplifier. It is recommended that the power supply for the amplifier be current limited to 100mA. A series resistor may be used. For example 220 ohms to a +5V supply will provide 2.0V, 13.4mA when the amplifier is at 23K.


The maximum RF input power to be applied to the amplifiers without damage is +10dBm.


The amplifier is 20.7mm x 15.9mm x 8.7mm excluding connectors  with input SMA at left and output SMA at right. For more information and complete specs, please download the pdf data sheet on the left.

The amplifier offers an optional 5K or 20K bias tee.

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