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Input Bias Tees are now available on CITCRYO1-12D, CITCRYO4-12A, CITCRYO4-12B, CITCRYO4-16 and CITCRYO1-18

We look forward to seeing you in 2025 at the IEEE-S International Microwave Symposium in San Francisco, California.

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NEW Cryogenic SiGe Low Noise Amplifier


New Cryogenic SiGe Low Noise Amplifier With Exceptional Noise Performance

The noise is 1.8K to 3.5K in the band from 5 MHz to 1.5 GHz,  the gain flatness is +/- 0.85 dB over this band.


A paper co-authored by our founder, Stephen Smith,  was just published in Physical Review Applied. 

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