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The California Institute of Technology’s decision to cease sales of cryogenic low noise amplifiers and QRFH feeds led directly to the formation of Cosmic Microwave Technology, Inc.  Dr. Sander Weinreb, the head of the Caltech group, has licensed his designs to CMT so these high quality components, used for radio astronomy and quantum computing, can continue to be produced to Dr. Weinreb’s exacting standards.  The technical aspects of CMT are headed by Stephen Smith while Denise Smith manages the business aspects of the company.  CMT also brings Hector Navarrete from Caltech, where he will continue to assemble amplifiers and feeds to the rigorous standards required.  Caltech has untied the services of MVI engineering, used for all of the high quality machining required to produce the amplifiers and feeds, so CMT plans to continue the relationship with MVI.



Cosmic Microwave Technology, Inc.

15703 Condon Avenue, Unit C4, 

Lawndale, CA 90260


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