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Cryogenic Test Dewer

Key Features  
  • Flexible Configuration

  • Removable Sideplates

  • 66 Pin DC Bias Connector

  • Cart Included

Performance Features
  • 4K @ 1 Watt

  • 12K @ 1.5 Watt

  • 4K Cool Down = 3 Hours

  • 12K Cool Down = 5 Hours   

  • Radio Astronomy Receivers

  • Cryogenic Component Testing

  • Research & development

  • Quantum computing



CMT is manufacturing cryogenic component test dewers. These dewers are optimum for testing cryogenic components at either 4K or 12K, depending upon the model. The dewer design offers flexibility to configure the cold plate for testing of almost all types of cryogenic components. The dewer is configured with 12 removable side plates that can be quickly modified to add RF connections. The dewer comes with a 66-pin hermetic DC connector that can be used for temperature sensors and DC wiring to the internal components. Two KF25 vacuum ports allow separate ports for Vacuum pump and gauges to be connected to the dewer. The dewer comes mounted in a mobile cart. CMT can provide engineering assistance to customize the inside of the dewer for your applications.

Features Included
  • 4K Dewer no load temp: 1st Stage = 29 K, 2nd Stage = 3.5 K

  • 12K Dewer no load temp: 1st Stage = 56 K, 2nd Stage = 11.8 K

  • 4K Dewer no load cool down time: 1st Stage = 3 hours, 2nd Stage = 1.5 Hours

  • 12K Dewer no load cool down time: 1st Stage = 5 hours, 2nd Stage = 4 Hours

  • 4K Dewer load: 1st Stage = 1 Watt, 2nd Stage = 40 Watt

  • 12K Dewer load: 1st Stage = 1.5 Watt, 2nd Stage = 40 Watt

Dewer inter and exter.png

For more details on customized Cryogenic Test Dewers, please read the provided PDF below

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